Install a browser quickly

You don't have to disable Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) just to install the browser you want

Install Google Chrome

PowerShell -Command "& {$P=$env:TEMP+'\chrome_installer.exe';$ProgressPreference='SilentlyContinue';IWR '' -OutFile $P;SAPS -FilePath $P -Args '/silent /install' -Verb RunAs -Wait;DEL $P}"

Install Mozilla Firefox

PowerShell -Command "& {$P=$env:TEMP+'\FirefoxSetup.exe';$ProgressPreference='SilentlyContinue';IWR '' -OutFile $P;SAPS -FilePath $P -Args '/S' -Verb RunAs -Wait;DEL $P}"

Can't copy, hit Ctrl+C!

What do I do?

Click above to copy, then paste it in the Start menu and run it.
You will be asked to confirm running the installer. After that, your browser will be waiting for you on your desktop.